Symbol «Global Amnesty»

Global Amnesty symbol — a symbol of the beginning of the amnesty (forgiveness) of the souls of the dark world, lifting them from the lower to the upper world, Clan Amnesty symbol: amnesty of alive and of those who are not.

The symbol is the seal for the carrying out of Clan Amnesty ritual.

Clan Amnesty mechanism:
Every person on the Earth has its own clan. Those who have already died, remain to be the members of the clans. Each clan has both merits and debts that lead to the remaining of many souls of the clan in the lower (dark) world.

Those souls of the clan who are in the upper (light) world, provide the development of alive souls of their clan on the Earth. Others, who are in the lower world, provide garbage and weight the clan down, forbidding to develop ….

During the ritual, a clan receives full forgiveness that leads to the lift of the souls from the dark world into the light one. Thus all the souls of the clan rise up and begin to work on the development of whole clan on the light side.

Only one person is entitled to carry